The Circles We Draw Ourselves Into

 ( Stephanie Moors Photography )

(Stephanie Moors Photography)

By Mandy Reid

"I live my life in widening circles." -[Rilke]

At birth, we're given a circle.

It's simple.

Innocent, maybe.

But small.

We draw our circles, over and over again, because it's what fits the circumference of the girth of our understanding of life, and love, and religion, and sex, and humanity.

It is what we understand; tangible, material.

Then one day, a conversation, a question, an experience, a trauma breaks the circle; offends what we know.

Truth always offends our righteous indignation.

But, if we are wise, we let the darkness in; the feelings of discomfort, bewilderment and unknowing.

We widen our circle until it heals.

The widening evolutionism of the fibers of our soul invites everyone in until humanity is a little more whole.

If you're standing on the threshold of a circle breaking; everything you know whiplashing you into uncertainty: do not panic.

Do not panic.

Divine Love is as close as your breath; flooding your lungs with light.

You may feel like your drowning, but you're diving into something so expansive, so deep, so subversive that you will learn how to evolutionize and breathe under water.